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Monday, February 24, 2014

Doll facial lift

So i been making a monster high boy doll using knock off monster high female doll parts. The doll head came out great even though it was intended to be a female doll. I wasn't happy with the overall shape of my dolls head. It was too round. I wanted a more pointed slimmer face like an anime character almost. So i got to work and started cutting the dolls head open. I cut v shapes out of the head and pulled the v shape together and tied it with floral wire. Ha kinda like a doll face lift which is why i named this post that. Here are the before and afters...
Down side to doing this is the holes that were left but we can fix this easily.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Update: On how To make a Dollhouse our of Cardboard and Caulk

Here's a quick update to my dollhouse, there's more videos I have to post But I'm just getting it out of the way now

New Monster High doll repaint/ Knock off Monster High dolls

So a few months ago I bought a set of knock off monster high dolls to practice doing repaints on them and to save money at the same time. Funny story though my official monster high dolls costed way less then the set of four that i purchased for 17 bucks (shipping was free). I ended up getting official monster high dance class dolls for 5 dollars at walmart, WHAT a steal. I even managed to get a Draculaura doll scaris edition for 5 bucks too. What I got were Laguna Blue dance class, Rebecca Steam dance class, and Draculaura.  Anyways back to the knock off dolls. They made great practice dolls and editions to my collection once I repainted them. Now for knock offs, they aren't fully articulated correctly, their hands were nubs so I tried to articulated them myself with simple floral wire. It worked for the most part. the limbs are so wobbly that it i couldn't stand it. Anyways For repaints on the heads the knock off dolls were PERFECT. Here are my results of a knock off Clawdeen Wolf.

Here's a pic of the knock off before i repainted her. I really suck at doing before and after pictures because...well...I just don't possibly due to laziness. Now here is how the doll came out. 

As you can see...she
SUPER CUTE. It almost puts my repaint of the Offical Laguna Blue Dance Class doll repaint ,also known as Tyler, to shame. The cheaper dolls have lots of bald spots so I added more hair to the bald spots. Also the body of the doll was way to light to match the dolls skin so I even repainted that.
I made her some jeans and a sweater and she rocks it sooooo well that I took a mini photoshoot in my studio.
Tyler and her new doll friend. What should we Name her?

The new doll in her amazing homemade outfit. The jeans needs something though...

You can see how I had to fix the hands here..

Bagel Lovvvesss the new doll.

I felt like her outfit needed a purse so I made one real quick out of this left over leather pink fabric. I even drew on
seem lines and pockets to my doll jeans 

Our free printables look great with 1:6 scale dolls

I posed the dogs to look up at the camera.

So thats the doll! Hopefully we can come up with a nice name? Comment to recommend some. Tomorrow Our new tutorial will be on how to make doll jeans :). I'm thinking of making a video of this one. what do you think?
Tyler: New girl Where did you get your jeans!?! 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

1:6 scale Articulated doll dog pet review

So on my etsy I made an item that is completely customizable but I feel like I didn't express how amazing this new toy I make really is so here is a nice review on the dolls
Here is Tyler with our little friend Hatchiko. 
As you can see, he's a big dog but, we can and have made smaller breeds of dogs like
bagel, the beagle puppy.

As Tyler is once again demonstrating how cute real dogs are for pets. 
Now on to the articulation of both dogs 

Here we have hatchiko standing and bagel half setting. Now watch them change pose
Now here is Hatchiko stretching himself out and bagel trying to climb on his back.
Bagel got herself on top of Hatchiko pretty easily. Tyler is here showing u how
cute she looks in star doll accessories and how tall the dolls are compared to her.1:6 scale  is great. 

1:6 scale Dollhouse and much more's getting a little bare on my page compared to my instagram. The last video I posted was my 1:6 scale dollhouse That my company SeasonalFrostbite and A interior design company "A little of this and that customs" did together. So today, We're featuring it. If you haven't seen our cute video room tour of it, the link its righhhtt here ->
So let's get started with pictures shall we?

Here is the dollhouse! Really, its a Dorm room that we chose to name it after Barbra jordan. Female
congresswoman with a powerful voice. We felt that a little girl should aspire to be something as well as have fun being a kid so not only is our dorm room dollhouse set at a university campus it's also named after an important woman from the 70s.  So next let's look on the inside!!
Here we have the community area of the dorm room. A small flat screen tv, my beautiful homemade couch, coffee table kitchenette, bar stools and table alone with the other accessories. ((Its all hand made remember that)) The curtains of course were made by A little of this and that customs.
There's so much detail going on in this room that I feel I have to break it down.The walls can be changed out and everything but first, let's start with the couch I made.
Beautiful Right? I personally took my time with this and for good reason, its fabulous I actually want this couch for my own house. The fabric is actually real silk with faux felt mink fur. The cushions actually come off too.
Minor detail I don't know why I didn't glue them down but I liked how realistic doing this made it.
((My Ooak Custom Monster High doll Tyler ((Who used to be laguna blue)) modeling this couch))
This couch alone will be placed on my etsy in two weeks for pricing around $20.00
Next Item featured will be our kitchenette
A dorm room needs a little place for in between meals so a kitchenette was perfect especially for such a small area
As you can see the fridge actually opens! So does the oven too. the stove top has a little knob on it also. It even comes complete with a sink but not just any sink, a top bowl sink!

Here is a much better look at it.
I actually will make a tutorial on how to make doll pots and pants like shown here later on.
Here is a close up of some of the miniatures I made. Super cute right?
This Kitchenette alone will be sold on my etsy soon for priced around $25.00
it will come with doll food, pots pans, plates, cups and cooking accessories. That way when you get it
you can go straight to taking pictures or playing which ever you like.
So next up let's go to the table and bar stools
Sorry about the shop background, haha...Maybe this will give you a feel that we really are making all of this stuff in our shop.
Anyways here's Tyler again modeling. This set comes with two bar stools, faux fruit bowl decoration and two place matts that can all be removed off the table. Again, 1:6 scale is what we aim for.
That's pretty much all the items in this room so moving on to the other side of the room.
Beautiful curtains once again. This is the R.A.'s bed for our dorm room. The walls can be changed out here too.

Here is another shot without the house and with different bedding. Features in this bed is great if you have a doll that needs lots of storage space. I didn't take pictures of this feature because it is shown in the dollhouse room tour video link mentioned above. The drawers at the bottom all come up for storage and there's even a ledge above those drawers for shoes and whatever else you'd like there.
This bed will be sold in our etsy shop soon for priced around $30.00 dollars. It will come with three sets of bedding that are reversible so really you will be getting 6 sets of bedding. This includes three throw blankets, and three sets of reversible pillows. Get more bang for the buck I always say.
This is 1:6 scale once again that means it will fit Monster high, Barbie, Ever after high, bratz momoko, kurhn, and much more.
Well thats it for the first floor of our house. Here's a shot of it all finished and altogether.

Btw...the lights work, we decorated it with beading and added a shade.
Now let's move upstairs!!!

Againnn so much going on in this room we have to break it downnnn. So let's start with the bunk Beds.
Here's our model Tyler again and as you can see, the bunk beds are to scale where a doll can actually sit up in the bed. It even has a latter on the side for the other doll to sleep and sit up in.
Here is tyler again demonstrating the scale once more on the top bunk.
Also, all our beds have a cushion mattress.
 The beds decorated! So much fun doing this.

This set of bunk beds will be priced at $30.00 on etsy soon. This set will come with 3 reversible
 bedding for the top bunk and bottom bunk with reversible pillows including 2 reversible throw blankets. We will display different themes.
Next let's move on to the closet.
As Tyler is showing here the closet opens up,  with a divider and a rod for hanging doll clothes on both sides. At the bottom there are drawers that open for more storage.
This will be priced on our etsy for $15.00 mainly because it doesn't come with accessories. Maybe I'll add doll hangers and maybe a hanging shoe rack or something.
Next up we will check out our Desk, accompanying chairs, and computers.
Of course we choose imac computers to make with hello kitty mouse pads. they come with keyboards that are high in detail.
The desk is a simple two sided desks for your dolls to share but have a privacy divider between them.
The desk comes with a little bulletin board to look like our dolls are studying. It also comes with two chairs...The chairs down here are my old design. A little of this and that customs re-covered my chairs I made which I have to say are a lot nicer. ((This is why I work together with this shop))
And thats the desk. This will be on etsy priced around $20.00 with all the included items mentioned just...the chairs shown here now how I had them.
Lets move on to the other side of the house which is our bathroom.
The toilet and tub won't be featured in this because this was a redecorated barbie item. We will be making a different toilet and bath set soon but for now let's move on with what we have.

As Briar Beauty is showing us, its very detailed as well so let's BREAK IT DOWNNN *fun rapper voice* LOLZ
This is the bathroom unfinished, the roman shades and curtains are gone but it gives you an idea.
The first feature we're going to do is the sink.
The cabinets do not open but hey, they sure look like they do right? Ha, anyways they are top bowl sinks because I think they look better then the traditional modern sinks. This is a community sink and will be priced at $20.00 on etsy soon but we variation on how many. For example you will have a choice between his and her sinks, community sink like we have here and or a single sink.
That's really it for the bathroom. For a closer look watch the video :)
Now let's move onto the houses features on curtains.
They are interchangeable. Roman shades, drapes, and more. We will be selling these sets alike at priced
$30.00. This set will include 3 sets of roman shades, 3 sets of drapes, and 3 sets of the different shades shown in between the drapes on the right. More bang for your buck as always :)

Well that's our dorm room. We will be having this house for sale on etsy but with different styles available. This will be priced at $200.00. It will come with all the sets included. So it will come with the bunk beds, the single bed, the sets of bedding and pillows and the bed skirts. It will also come with the set of curtains, roman shades, and drapes that will be interchangeable like in the video. It will also come with the couch featured, the kitchenette set, the curtains in the community area. And the interchangeable wallpaper feature also shown in the video. Again, more bang for your buck. So for 200 dollars you get 1:6 two floor bedroom with attic, and all that is featured here. So all you have to do when you buy hour house is move in your dolls. Well, thats the whole house I hope you enjoyed the detailed look at our product. I hope you follow this blog for updates! See you soon! :)