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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Kurhn doll Review New articulated body and Momoko Doll comparison

My Kurhn doll came in the mail Monday! She came with strange packaging but when I opened the package a official Kurhn box was revealed. It was the same size as the standard momoko box. When I opened it It was packed with freebies! A kurhn bag as well with the website on it. The website is in chinese sadly and you can't buy those dolls unless you live in china so check out their aliexpress shop. Here is Kurhn in her box with her cards that came with her that are all in mandarin. This is the 2014 model Kurhn so she has these amazing double knee joints 
Out of the box you can see how articulated she is! :) Her ankles, wrists, knees, and even a nice swizzle on the waist. To be honest the doll came with rather large hands so I replaced those hands with smaller hands from a knock off kurhn articulated body that has no double knee joints.
The first thing I noticed about Kurhn is that her body looked exactly like my momoko doll. And I was right. Check it out. Scary almost that Kurhn costed me 39 dollars ((shipping included)) and Momoko costed 170 dollars and she doesn't have the articulated Kurhn has. Hm....Makes me upset...oh well japan...Moving onwards. Here are some pics so you can see the dolls together. 

They twist at the waist the at the same degree

Momoko: So where are you from Kurhn?
Kurhn: I'm from china! You?
Momoko: Little Pullip and I are from japan.

The obitsu 23 body has similar joints to kurhn too

Little pullip hybrid: Don't forget about me!

Here is Kurhn with all the freebies she came with inlucding her first dress

She is wearing Momoko's outfit here.