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Thursday, April 24, 2014

How To make Polymer Clay Doll Shoes Part one: Mary Jane Heels!!! :)

This is a mini series that will be continuing on my youtube channel. We will start off with High Heel Mary Janes. I will place a template for the soles of the feet at the bottom.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

UPDATE: Taking a Break to continue to fight for USA IMMIGRATION REFORM 2014

I found myself talking to an idiot today about immigration reform. So I wanted to share what I told
him. This blog is for my crafts and artwork but I wanted to let you know I am dealing with Immigration personally and that is why I've been slow on crafting because This issue is happening in my backyard so I want to inform you about the issues. I find that NO ONE knows about this issue, no one knows about the hunger strikes going on in front of the White house, or the horrible things Immigration Customs Enforcement is doing to people. I think Americans don't know this is happening to people because if you don't know an immigrant going through this (immigrants don't even know how bad it is until they are going through this) you will never know about the deaths in Ice custody, about the deportations, about the unlawful use of immigrant bodies, even about the abuse and flaw to the system that says "Who needs to be detained" Well according the the President and the Law "The gang bangers, the threats to society people who did crimes of moral turpitude" Well the Majority of people being detained are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents. They simply got into Ice custody by misdemeanors such as: driving without a license, arrested while working, dui, and etc. hell I know about a case where one got in from jay walking.  Now the law says only crimes or moral turpitude this means crimes such as :

  • rape
  • murder
  • homicide
  • multiple homicide 
  • man slaughter
  • crimes of passion
  • domestic violence
  • involuntary man slaughter
  • Fraud, theft, embezzlement, and certain kinds of thievery.
The majority of the people who are in mandatory detention have not committed any of these crimes and should be let out of detention on bail and let out of our tax payers money. Seriously we pay 2.4 billion dollars for this. Now the main points of my outrage is below, I was responding to a racist white man who called my race trash, who called my sister in law (who is mexican) trash, and who called my fiance' trash. Then he told me "It's not a race thing."So I told him this:

Racism really has everything to do with power. "it's not a race thing" Yeah I don't see any white guy getting deported in fact even british people can come here legally and smoothly vs. all the bullshit u have to do from a country where the majority of it's people is of color. In fact the countries these immigrants come from are so poor they cannot afford the application to get citizenship (1000+ the stupid paper costs around 2 grand i'm hearing now for certain countries) not only that the wait time is super long (Months to 4 years) and meanwhile their families are starving if they chose to wait any longer some of them would of died so hell yeah they'd just cross the boarder and find work. Let's bring the race card? If you feel racist, then maybe you are because u feel bad. (And there's nothing wrong with feeling bad about racism, it's wrong we all know that) You recognize all your privileges and advantages you have over people, (its called white privilege btw) that the protests telling immigrants (when you yourself and your ancestors are all immigrants) to go back, is ridiculous and to say that it has nothing to do with race or power is ignorant and you simply just don't want to feel like "the bad guy". Also to clarify what racism is, it is one race having all the privileges, all the advantages, all the opportunities, all the power. Sadly in the US, that title belongs to white people i'm so sorry that your race runs a lot of shit and have a lot of power. They will do anything and everything to keep that power but slowly its slipping out your fingers as people like myself get educated, informed, and organized. But don't worry The minority will treat u much better then what your ancestors, grandparents, your parents (if baby boomers I dunno how old u are) did. Now once u just say "yes it's racist, yes I'm an immigrant, and yes trying to tell other immigrants to get out of my stolen country is racist and I support immigration reform because who the hell do I think I am to tell these hard working people who have jobs we american people don't even want in the first place. And once these people are legal they can be paid actually living wages such as minimum wage vs the 1.25 they make hourly working for oh yes rich white man trying to save a buck on labor (This is already a fact btw) " It's a race thing." Own up to your shit. Your ancestors enslaved my people, ripped away civil rights, persecuted a lot of colored people and you're doing what you were taught is wrong but in different even more demoralizing ways without even thinking about it. Now if you still haven't realized how ignorant you're being and maybe thinking "We are paying for the immigrants" Trust me you do not pay any of these peoples bills hell the majority of them have used their adult children to pay taxes and contribute to society. In short. Support immigration reform if you're worried about pay, did u know our taxes pays out 2.4 billion dollars to find immigrants and detain them. Yes 166 dollars per person out of the 11 million people each to keep them detained. Even if an immigrant who is in ICE's custody says they will volunteer to leave, they will keep them here for 1-3 years tops for the hell of it because the private companies who are keeping them are making money off of them thats why they call it "Immigration machine". NOW there's the information you need to know if you still don't give a fuck, fine, continue to be racist. But when you stop and look at that "Immigrant" as a human being, then hey...welcome to the human race and you aren't being racist and thanks for joining the rest of the minority of being a decent human being. 

Obama stopped deportations which is the first step to change! :) Takes for all the support. Also Please take the new steps to come out of the shadows if you haven't already

Saturday, April 5, 2014

More coming soon; FREE PRINTABLES

So this month and a little of last month I had spring break and Honestly, I've been dealing with very personally family issues that's affecting my artist life. I've been very depressed over it but none the less life goes on right? I hope all of you are doing much better then I have been doing and I hope you will all understand that I'll be taking a small break and continue to update once a week after my situation gets better. BUT videos? Ha, Well here's what I have planned next, A doll review video on a few chinese brand name dolls. Also a finished factory loft doll house update and room tour. Yeah I know I finally finished the loft and I have no pictures to show for it yet lmao. Let'sssss see I also made a recipe fore sheabutter cream spicy muscle cream. Anyways I hope you guys enjoy this free Mokos and Poki Gable Box.  <-----Just click the link to get it This free gift was to celebrate my store turning 3 years old and I never got around to sharing it soo TAAADAAAA
Anyways When everything clears up in my life that's causing me to be so depress, I'll be back (slowly though) See yeahh!!