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Friday, August 26, 2016

Polymer clay Tutorial: Miniature Spaghetti And Meatballs

How do you boo? Monster high 2016.

 Can we take a moment to talk about the new monster high dolls? Warning though, I'm not one of those cutesy "all dolls are great" bloggers, I'm your in your face "I give no fucks, you all gonna get it" blogger. I am pissed. Royally pissed. Yes the new dolls are cheap, unimaginative, and uncreative but that's not what makes me go 0-100 so quickly. Here is why I'm so angry. They disrespected us. Yes, the consumer! Me, you, anyone who ever personally spent money on monster high dolls.

 Now, before we get into anymore detail, let's talk about the consumer, who the target audience is, and why I don't give no fucks. Tell me, who is the target audience? Your first thought is kids right? Don't be stupid, no toy company spends thousands of dollars trying to make something kids will like, but do you know what they do spend thousands of dollars marketing to? Now, let me give you a hint, when you were younger did your parent ever buy anything meant for you that you were like "umm...thanks." You know...educational toys, books, clothes, educational games, tools, and etc? Sadly, you rarely got to choose your toys because an adult had to approve you having it. Now who really controls the market here? Yes, Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Collectors, Toy lovers. PEOPLE with major influence towards kids. Now think about that, MAJOR INFLUENCE ON KIDS. Kids have no money, I don't care about the allowance you give little timmy or tina, it ain't enough to sustain a multi million dollar company not would you allow your kids to buy something you don't approve of.

 Now as a toymaker, I could care less per say since I alter and remake a lot of my bought toys but I enjoyed how happy these dolls made adults, collectors, young children of young collectors. Mattel has to appeal to not only to children but adults who influence these children. Now this is why myself and others are pissed, they went to that 1% who didn't give a fuck about dolls, monster high, or monster toys at all and try to get them to buy by simply making the doll line "cute" no longer "monsters" just uncreative bullshit to appeal to these people who never gave a fuck about the doll line. Seriously? They decided to reboot the toy line, the entire series. Now we all know reboots are rarely done right but can we make a little note that this doesn't make sense. Why the fuck did they reboot? The dolls weren't taken off the market and went missing for 10 years or 20 years. IT was literally out of nowhere for NO reason, wouldn't it make sense to wait I dunno, until the hype was gone to get rid of your old line? Let's take Bratz for example, they were off the shelves for a LONG ass time where we all forgot about them. Not that their reboot is good, I thought it was until I saw they fucked it up ((But let's not talk about that just yet we'll get to that in another post, plus the bratz reboot hasn't made me so pissed off to write about it vs mh)).

Now here's where I just lost my composure today. I watched a new webisode on monster high's youtube channel....Take a look.
Yeah.. They spent all this fucking money on change, but kept the webisodes the same? What the fuck
You are THIS LAZY? They only thing they did was add a new voice actor, a terrible blocky new body but did NOT bothered to reboot this? Seriously this is just a crap version of the old style. This only further confirms what this reboot is. Unimaginative, Uncreative, and just plain lazy. The only thing they have bothered investing in is New animation artists, and better writers. I'm going to need monster high to decide if they are a toy line or a fucking long term movie series. Now do not get me wrong, the story they hatched up looks great, the animation looks much better but I want the writing, the animation, with the old characters, and with the old dolls. NOT a complete unneeded do over. Mattel you are not Disney redoing Spider Man, I'ma need you to cut it. What's sad is that you know you fucked up with your own line and continue to hash out these boring, half assed bullshit.
Now how do I say I know, that Mattel know they fucked up? Have you noticed all the comments on the majority of the reboot videos have disabled comments lately? Hmm I wonder what backlash they are hiding from? Yep, So done with anything new from this line.