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Saturday, January 31, 2015

How to design print your own doll clothes

Sunday, January 25, 2015

How to make a Portable Art Studio for your Own Personal Use for that Crafter on the Go

Hey guys!! Another tutorial. So I go from Point A. to Point B. a lot and I just can't be in my studio 24/7 and this was becoming a problem for me when I need to get work done for youtube and for class so I decided i needed a portable art studio!

You will need:

  • Materials to make a box for your stuff
  • A old suitcase, I got mine for 3.50 at Goodwill
  • Art supplies to put in your mini studio
  • A sturdy thin board that you can care down on
  • Fabric
  • Craft foam
  • Optional: A rolling Cart for Luggage, this thing can get heavy I recommend getting something with wheels.

    Now Let's get started!

    Step 1. First thing you want to do is build a mini dresser that will fit your supplies and fit perfectly inside your suitcase. You don't want to make it so big, you'll want to leave room for things that won't fit inside the drawers in my case, I wanted to leave room to put a pouch for my scissors, a dollstand, my dolls, and my tripod.

    The buttons for my little drawer are just cut up egg cartons shown above and then glued onto my weird material I have no Idea what to call it but it's basically thick cardboard-ish, i wish I knew the name it was easy to cut.

    Step 2 is to glue the dresser into the suitcase, you can choose to add a board to bare down on for writing, drawing, painting, or whatever you're going to use it for. I attached mine with fabric and glue as hinges. Super easy. Honestly that's it. Two Steps. You choose what you want to keep in your drawers. My suitcase I used had room for sketchbooks and a computer storage as well as pencil storage in the front pouch.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I need 500 Subscribers on Youtube?! Youtube Giveaway Rules

Man the goals with trying to get youtube up and running like clock work is literally a full time job! But you know I LOVE IT!! So how can I get 500 subscribers??? I have currently 236 subscribers! I'm grateful for those but I'm still at the bottom headed to the top because there's no where else to go honestly lolz. Anyways while I'm scamming my Idea Book for ideas to get more subscriptions, I want to thank the ones who have subscribed to me. I really appreciate the love. I make the videos and the blog posts all on my own. No editors, no one to film, anddddddd yeah all of that so it takes me longer to put up videos but I've made it my duty to never give up!

Anywho, For those Who have Subscribe You should know about my Giveaway Contest that is starting in 4 days!!! 
The Official Rule Page 

The "Look Mom! No doll stand" contest is a challenge for participants to create photos of their dolls without doll stands.  The entry photos submitted into the contest should have the following things:
  1. No doll stand (This means No doll stands of any kind)
  2. No wall flowers (This means you cannot prop the doll against the wall for photos)
  3. Tell a story (Create a since of drama or fun in one picture, a picture can tell a thousand words, tell me those words in a pictures! :) )
  4. Be creative!
  5. All Entries must have the hash tag #NodollstandContestentry  with a @seasonalfrostbite on Instagram OR write #Nodollstandcontestentry on our Facebook Page.

Rules In Order to Participate:

This Contest is open internationally. 

Alright I hope to see you guys enter the contest :) This is my first giveaway so yes I am new at this and I want to make a statement because I apparently have some rude viewers who said my rules were too strict and unsubscribe. Clearly they were only there for the free things and I think I was saved because that is not the kind of youtube community I am building. Anyways Shout out to Kayla Rodas for suggesting I do a video.