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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Mad Scientist Doll Customs: Monster High Jackson Doll

Monday, December 29, 2014

How to Make a flexible mini Camera Tripod out of Foil

SO I needed a Tripod, one that was bendable and was for my desk. So I got to thinking after watching some videos and realizing...I HAVE NO PARTS TO MAKE A TRIPOD. BUT I did have the following Materials which you will need to make your own tripod:
  • Foil, a half a roll will do it but if you need more feel free to.
  • E-600 glue and Hot glue gun with glue sticks
  • A screw that fits in the slot where you will mount the camera and a screw with a sharp edge, It should be about 2-3 inches tall. Test and make sure it fits before you start the project.
  • The bottom of a Soda Can
  • Foam Paper from the dollar store ((the one at the dollar store is very thin and you will need that cheap quality))
  • Pliers
  • A marker for traching
  • Clamps to hold things together
Optional: Nuts to go with your screws Glitter dollar store Foam paper, Triple Thick Glaze ((to paint the on the glitter so it doesn't get everywhere))

Step 1.

The first thing you're going to do is roll up some foil until you get the desired length you need for your tripod, I only needed about 11 inches. I do not recommend using this tutorial for longer and bigger tripods because I have not tested it. You want your foil to be as thick as your fingers. When you press down on the Foil Sticks It should only give only a little bit. If you can flatten it with your hands only then it is too thin and you need to roll it more so it's thicker. Make another one of these sticks the same size as your first one to keep it even

Next Take Pilers and Smash the middle of the two foil stick together until it is nice and flat. The Foil Sticks Should be thick enough where you cannot use your hands to do this.

Step 2.

Now Take a Screw with a sharp edge and make a hole in the center of where you just smashed the foil sticks together.  I chose to Add a whole one at a time to each stick. Next take the screw that screws into your camera and place it from the whole. I actually had to use Pilers to completely drill the screw into the whole which is a good thing because it means your foil sticks are thick.

 Remember, the Foil Sticks have to be so thick that you need pliers to poke a hole into it.

Step 3. Once your have your hole take out the E600 glue and glue the pieces together using clamps to hold it tight until it is dry/workable which will take about 45 minutes or so. You can keep working while it's drying just make sure you have the clamps on securely.

Step 4. Take your foam paper/craft foam and start glueing it to the foil sticks using E600, Use Clear tape to how it in place while it dries.
Do this to all four sides of the tripod These will be your bendable legs. Next take some Foil and wad it so it has a indention to cover the exposed foil parts at the bottom of the legs. This will be the Feet.

Take your Pliers and smash the sides at an angle  in a circle which will give you the basic shape. Be sure to check that the foil foot is flat at the bottom and glue it to some dollar store craft foam. Next cut it out around it. For the opposite end, draw a pattern on the dull side of glitter foam paper and cut it out so you can cover the foil feet. We're basically just decorating at this point.

Glue the foot onto each leg with hot glue or E-600, I used hot glue for this step.
You can even add more glitter foam paper to cover exposed foil on the top of the foot.

Step 5. Take off the clamps it should be dry be now. Now Cover the Foil in the center of your tripod with foam paper, I used glitters foam paper again. All I did was make a square and poked a hole in the center and hot glued it to the contours of the legs. And It should look like this.

It should look like this but with the trim I showed you earlier, I took this picture before I did that so just ignore it in the last few pictures. If everything you glued is dry you can actually use it just like this but I went ahead and added some nice aesthetic appeal. So if you decided you like this finished product stop here OR follow me to step 6.

Step 6. Take A emptied soda can and cut out the bottom. Next Puncture a hole into the center. I used my sharp screw to do this and then used scissors to widen out the whole so it will fit over my screw that I'm using for my camera.

Once that was done I took so craft foam and wrapped it around the base just so the bottom of the soda can can have something to rest on. So place it on top and it will look like the bottom picture.

Again I added some foam paper to make it pretty. You can take a nut and secure it at the bottom but i did no such thing lolz. To be honest I had to take the screw I used and replaced it it a thicker screw. Which was easy because I didn't have to take the whole thing apart so if you followed my steps correctly you won't have this problem because you would of found a screw long enough and thick enough to fit your camera. Anyways, Again you can use the tripod as shown here but follow me to step 7 where I add more visual candy to it.

Step 7. Add a lil tab out of foil ((make sure it's thick)) I'm using pliers to get it as flat as possible, cover it in foam paper and glue it on to the tripod This just makes it look cool to be honest, you don't need it. Anyways Now you're done!

But wait there's more!

 Step 8. Mount your camera and adjust it accordingly to your needs. It is bendable so you can lower it or set it at an angle. Have fun! :)

Saturday, December 20, 2014

How to make Forks, Spoons, And Knives for a 1/6 Scale Doll.

So I did this tutorial on here a long time ago only to never posted!?! I know crazy! SO i am just going to have to do it all over again...WHY NOT? >_<"

  You will need:

  1. Foral Crafting Wire. It's very thin and bendable wire you can get at walmart or dollar tree in the floral/fake flower section
  2. polymer clay or cornstarch clay
  3. Silver Metallic Craft Paint (optional)
  4. Pliers of any kind and Scissors

How to make Forks:

Step One:

Cut yourself four 4 inch pieces of floral craft wire and twist them together  leaving 4 pieces sticking out like the bottom picture
See? Four spread out ends.

Step Two: 

Next Take your pliers and bend the spread out ends at a slight angle like so.

See? A Slight angle.
It should look the bottom picture if you are following the steps correctly

Step Three: 

Now take your Pliers and squish the fork prongs together so they look straight then take your scissors and cut accordingly so it's all even. Take the ends of the bottom of the fork and wrap it around until you get a similar thickness shown below. I wrapped the excess around the angle of the fork for more realistic shape.

Step Four:

 Cover the base of the fork with polymer clay or cornstarch clay until the wires are hidden like the picture below. DO NOT PUT CLAY ON THE TIP OF THE FORK AKA THE PRONGS OF THE FORK.


Step Five: 

Take Craft paint and paint the tips of the fork aka the prongs silver. You can paint the whole thing silver but I chose not to. 

How to make Spoons: 

Step One:

take one four inch piece of floral Craft Wire and bend it in half. Twist the Ends together leave a Loop shape at the end like the picture at the bottom. 

Step two:

I went ahead and folded the ends before I cut off excess for thickness like I did with the forks and was left with the below picture. I then took the pliers and pinched it at an angle ago ((I got ahead of myself and added the clay handle then realized I skipped a step so don't do that))

Step Three:

I covered the spoon and the hole with clay, I next took a old bobby pin ((You can use a ball tool if you have one, at the time I did not)) and gently place a little depth into the spoon. so It should look like this below. All you have to do is paint and you're done.

How To Make Knives

Making the knife is just following the spoon steps from step 1 except instead of making a loop you will make a christmas light bulb shape shown above. You will skip the pliers portion and just cover the wires in clay. Then paint :) So simple! So when you're finished it should all look like the below picture.
As You can see my Dolls Love their forks and knives.