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Friday, June 12, 2015

Mad Scientist Doll Customs Episode 4: How To Add Double Knee Joints To A...

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A youtuber, A doll lover, a dreamer: Telling your parents you want to be a Doll youtuber

So I've been trying my best at getting my blog, channel, and instagram, to the highest peeks because honestly this is what I want to do for a living. I know crazy right? I'm at my happiest customizing dolls, blogging about dolls, making videos about dolls! JUST DOLLS DOLLS DOLLS! Ha you should of seen the look on my mother and fathers face when I talk about them or tell them that I want to be a youtuber full time. The look they give me! I won't give up because I've been making dolls since I was a little kid. I would make them out of masking tape, wire, tissue paper, notebook paper, stables, anything that i could get my hands on. I made dolls out of anything you can imagine. I want to thank those of you who follow this blog, have similar interests and follow me on instagram and youtube. I will keep trying my best to give you the best content you can imagine! I want to create a channel for doll collectors, doll customizers,  and other doll crazy people. If you're also like me an have a doll channel or doll account, let's connect and help each other build because I know you can't do anything great by yourselves! Anyways, I got frustrated this morning trying to figure out how to connect to more people who share the same interests as me. Luckily I found some! :) NOW! below are some pictures I took of my kurhn doll and my custom kurhn boy doll along with my custom black kurhn doll! I will be making a video soon introducing them to my channel AND I'll make a new video on how I made these dolls boots from polymer clay :). Seems like shoes are my most popular video because I need to fight the epidemic on shoeless dolls!