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Monday, May 19, 2014

Synthetic hair care guide and upkeep: Synthetic hair, Doll hair, and Wigs, OH MY!

Hey guys! So today I'm going to show you tips that I personally use for my doll's wigs, personal synthetic wigs, and other upkeep grooming. SO here are my tips!

Tip number one: How to remove scraggly hairs that are out of place. Those strands of hair that are unruly! So you hot boiled permed your doll or wig to straighten it or curl it but you find those fly aways hard to lay down. Well you're in luck my trick to remove them completely is to take your Iron. Yes your Iron that you use on your clothes, take that and put it on the polyester setting. WARNING: Always do a strand test to see if the hair will melt or not but I have to say 95% of hair that I have bought have not melted but ALWAYS do a hair strand test meaning take a small strand of the hair and place it on the iron n see if it melts. Be careful and do not burn yourself. I am no liable for you ruining your hair so please be careful. Anyways Once your iron is set to the polyester setting take Heavy starch, Yes the stuff that makes your shirts kind of stiff and spray it on the hair. Use as much as you want but do not over wet the hair, It is starch. It should be semi damp but not dripping. Then Iron it. This will remove the fly aways, clumps, and frays. It also removes how Dense the hair seems, like it won't be stiff anymore. Try it you will thank me I'm sure.

Tip Number two: Styling! I NEVER use a hot water perm of any of my dolls or synthetic hair. The hot water dries out the hair actually. It also strips away color. Seriously, you can't die black synthetic hair but you can strip the color from it by allowing it in the water for too long. I did this on accident once and turned a whole wig silver fox grey. OMG I was so upset You can use this method to strip color from the cheaper kinds of hair by simply taking a large pot of water and have it boiling. Then take a colander and place the hair in there and leave it there. For a longgg amount of time but always check it. I swear. My black hair wig I was wearing turned white. I was livid! Anyways. Back to Styling Ha, got side tracked sorry. Anyways, Curling the synthetic hair I braid the hair. Not just any kind of braids. Each kind of braid makes a different kind of style. A small braid makes a kinky curly look. A thick braid makes beachy waves but a Fish tail braid makes Body movie stair like curls. Now before I style my dolls hair or personal wigs and extensions I always straighten it with the iron first. A curl that's got terrible ends makes it look unkept and just...dry and ugly.

So straighten it, Pick your braid, iron those braids, and then unbraid it and marvel at the fabulousness you just created. For BIG bouncy round large curls take a nice piece of hair and twist it. Seriously like just twist it, then gather it in a circle, The circle is crucial it decides how big you want the curl. If you gather it small, the curls will be small, gather it big and the curls will be big. So. Use the iron to iron over the gather u have in a circle. It will hold. The reason why the iron is best then hot water perms besides the reasons I mentioned is that synthetic hair is just fiber. Synthetic fibers made in a lab and melts under certain conditions. Certain fibers withstand the iron's heat because it is some of the same material we wear on our clothes so an iron with the right setting doesn't cause the hair to melt.. So far though I have only tested this theory over 150 times. And so far, It's not failed me. Now I have come across some fibers that I find at sally's the beauty supply, their hair is expensive but can't resist any kind of heat. It's bad quality thin hair at that. So I stay away from the synthetic hair there and go for quality and less expensive hair at a regular beauty supply. One brand I can say is the best is Equal. Look for it. I LOVE that hair! I even used it on my dolls.

Next Let's talk about Layers for doll hair. It lays so much better when you lay the hair. I can't stand choppy doll hair. Layering the hair after you do my methods...Trust me...YOU will thank me. Ha.

Tip Number three: Hard Itchy, cheap textures. BLEH I hate this. This can go away using the same methods above but I will add a tip. Fabric Softener along with the above methods. Add about a tablespoon of it in a medium spray bottle ((My bottle is 7 inches tall with sprayer included)) next add 4 table spoons of plain hot coffee. I know its weird, You can just add hot water if you'd like but the smell mixed with the fabric softener is very pleasing to me. Heavenly scent. This also removes mildew smell from older wigs that you failed to wash. Next Fill with water all the way to the top. This should make the mixture luke warm. Now spritz it on the hair till it's damp not dripping, and just use it along with the starch and iron method. It leaves the hair Soft and conditioned. Now These are my Tips, Use them as you like and if you make a blog about this please credit me :)

Follow these tips and your hair, doll's hair, will look amazing and kept. Lastly though, when using my methods to make sure your efforts are even and flawless. Go slow, Do a few pieces at a time like you would your own hair. That's it for now, Hope to see you soon.