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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bratz 2015 and Are Monster High dolls Over?

   OMG! Have you heard? Heard what? That the bird is the word? but really
*sings in the tone of Back in black* Bratz are back! Bratz are back, bratz are totally glad to be back and they got more shoes, more boots, yeah they are totallyyy gladd to bee backk!!! *end singing* Now all puns aside I'm excited the Bratz are finally back! they should be coming to stores near you shortly, I know you have to wait a littleee longer while our friends in the uk got to enjoy them first we all know we will get our turn as well.

   Now Let me tell you the reason why bratz were so amazing when I first saw the commercial back in late elementary school days of mine. $14.99. Yes, affordable as a child that was my allowance and I managed to buy all 4 saving up plus all the bratz boyz. The fashions were amazing, detailed, colorful in a sense that they used all spectrums of the rainbow instead of focusing on JUST pink...*cough* barbie *cough*
   I'm even more glad that MGM could get us the same amazing price for the basic doll. Not only that MGM Bratz line were known for the bang for the buck, You know what i mean? 14.99 doesn't just get you a doll, it got you a doll and accessories that can be mixed and matched to the other 4 dolls unlike Monster High, Ever after high, and let's not even mentioned barbie's over priced under available-ness tragic fail. The gimmick dolls from mattel remind me of color schemed dolls like one doll will only wear pink and black *ahem* A certain confused vampire doll I know.....Lolz! Anyways, I like the options to look at my doll and say "You know what Yasmine today you're going to wear Jade's top, Cloe's glasses, and Sasha's shoes" and coordinate outfits *sigh* heaven, I know. 
Now I want to talk to you about these gimmick dolls, Monster high seems to be fading which is very very very VERY likely, and I'll tell you about it because that's how life cycle goes for doll fads, the kids grow up ((I know I did)) and then once those kids decide to be collectors...well, the love for the old soon to be vintage takes you back. Hence why I'm excited to start collecting bratz dolls again without breaking the budget! Anyways I'm tired of the Monster high dolls though I wasn't all that interested in the first place mainly because their bodies were different colors so they were kinda tacky, the idea and uniqueness was a great idea but boy. Not only that...the back curving...all the monster dolls have a serious case of Scoliosis. The make up was much to be desired as well, some of the dogs...excuse me dolls, looked like dragged queens and not the fabulous kind. Bratz had that problem as the line blew up. If your factory doll is going to wear too much make up it might as well be STINKING beautiful, not..."Girl, who slapped you with the rainbow today?"

 Another thing I hated about Monster High was I had to be LUCKY to find any of their Boy dolls. Out of all the boy dolls that came out I could only and ever have only found Jackson. That's it. Crappy weird shaped head jackson. What is with that? I with a line of dolls came out featuring 3 or 4 boys only. Since that seems to be the basic number All fashion dolls come out with. A group of friends. We get it little girls have a stereotype of being more sociable and having lots of friends. I'll stop being negative on that because it is good to teach that your fellow girl/woman is your friend not your competition. So yeah...there's that.

Now don't start crying that Monster high is or may not be fading out completely but I've found that most people buy dolls for the sake of just their clothes... I am GUILTY of this. In fact, while I'm excited Bratz are back, I honestly just want to buy their outfits...but then i'll be left with these dolls *UGH* Not that I don't want the dolls I really just love the fashions and just wish Mattel and MGM and any other doll company out there will cater to the doll buyer who only wants...doll clothes, doll miniatures like rements and doll houses. I honestly don't want anymore of your expensive but cheaply put together fashion doll trying to get girls to be this or that. I honestly will buy dolls here and there but right now I'm stuck on stupid with Kurhn dolls, and most asian dolls. The natural "less is more" make up, the crazy hair colors, the kawaii and cute lolita fashions and cute and simple and very anime like now that I think about it.

Well anyways The competition in the doll world is heating up and I am excited, more doll stuff on the shelf to choose from and shout out to barbie! We all buy her furniture sets, cars, and vintage barbie accessories only to repaint them to anything but pink! LOLZ...Seriously it was always beyond me how barbie is supposed to be this doll fashion icon but she has the most tackiest sense of fashion and interior design. Barbie, girl....tell mattel that pink is a BEAUTIFUL color...but once you have EVERYTHING pink you go from flashy fab to trashy tacky. Hopefully I'll get my hands on those new bratz dolls and do a little review for you. Maybe in stop motion? Speaking of stop motion, MGM good job on using stop motion for your webisodes of your revamped fashion line considering most of doll collectors on youtube make stop motions and it's good to see the doll instead of the box art drawings that NEVER look like that doll.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Polymer Clay Tripod Mount

Keep in mind to only use Premo, Fimo, Or kato clays. Sculpey III sucks ass. It does, it will break it's brittle cheap and crappy and it doesn't even cost as much as the others so just get the other brands of clay. Thankyou. 

Tripod mountssss! I bought a generic tripod at Walmart. Ugh how I hate that storeee!!!! Anyway my tripod mount worked for my very large cannon eos cam but not my cute little sony camcorder so I decided to just copy the shape of the one that comes with the camera. Here are pics on how it went

5 tips on how to put yourself in the mood to craft for Youtube Crafters/ Tutorial makers/ Artists

You know yesterday I just wasn't feeling it, I didn't feel like crafting. Not that i felt lazy or uninspired, I knew exactly what I wanted to make and what needed to be filmed but I couldn't find my center. Today, I'm feeling it mainly because I put myself in the mood to craft. As a youtuber and blogger how did I do this you may ask? WELL! Today, I'll tell you exactly how I did this in these 5 simple tips.

 Tip One: Turn on your computer to stream youtube videos in relation to what you're doing. Sometimes your competition can amp you up or sometimes other crafters can get you excited to want to finish your craft or get in the mood to craft. Personality for me it's like "THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE! MUAHAHAHAH!" so I get in this mood to crush all of my competition lolz when really you're only in competition with yourself.

Tip Two: Make a playlist of Hip Hop Classical Music. If you like classical music you can play the boring version but personality i need that extra UMF in that drum beat to keep focus. Or you can simply make a playlist of youtube videos you want to listen to in the background, i do that too!

Tip Three: Google Search inspiration. There's that drive again! You're only in competition with yourself but you feel you need to put the smack down on those other youtubers/artists/crafters, googling other artist's work or simply looking at pictures of things you like can really put you in the mood to work.

Tip Four: Make a check off list. This tip is SOOOO BORING BUT....but...and here's the big butt, you should make a list, if it's really long, you need to follow these tips to get in the mood to get them done, if it's really short.... well play hooky. I shouldn't be telling you to put off your work but seriously think about how urgent it is and taking a break to relax is not going to kill if it does well sorry o_o.

Tip Five: Relax. Yes, relax rest your mind. Simple as that do things that relaxes you or calms you or makes you forget your worries and your strife. ((Lolz, Bear-nescities ))

I hope this all helps because this really helps me when I need to get into the mood to make another youtube tutorial. :D Later days!